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Launching the New Year

by Don Sahli

Fireworks Skate the Lake - Evergreen, 30 x 24 ©Don Sahli

Much is said about planning for the New Year.  And there are many measurements you can use for this evaluation; some philosophical and others more concrete.

If you are someone who takes the concrete approach, check out the 7 Broad Range Questions to Help You Plan for Success in 2012.  If you are more of a philosopher, you could look for inspiration from 10 Obscure, Yet, Inspirational Quotes to Take You Into the New Year.

Here is something new for those who have previously discovered those writings.  As always, Art Biz Coach, Alyson B. Stanfield offers inspirational and concrete advice on how to be a successful artist with My Artist’s Resolutions.

Offered initially as guidance for artists; these recommendations can be applied to any walk of life.  Especially if you consider Robert Henri’s quote on art and life from his book The Art Spirit.

Art when really understood is the province of every human being.  It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well.  It is not an outside, extra thing.  –Robert Henri

Fine-tune this advice so it fits your life and journey.  And make 2012 a year of art inspired living!


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Alyson B. Stanfield January 2, 2012 at 9:26 pm

Don, thank you so much for the plug. I’m really interested in the 7 questions, so I’m going to go check those out. Happy New Year!


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